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Prime Objective Perfecting Face Primer

Welcome back to my blog everyone ! Today we are talking about the Prime objective Perfecting Face Primer .
                            About the Primer : PRIME OBJECTIVE: To prepare the skin in much the same way as a painter primes a canvas… and so much more!

PRIME OBJECTIVE is a silicone based face primer that acts to “re-touch”, or visually diminish, imperfections in the surface texture of the skin. PRIME OBJECTIVE contains a sustained release liposome system with retinol that can help support cell turnover and reduce the appearance if fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a milk protein complex that can help to balance and protect the skin against environmental stresses. The “skin perfecting” effect of this state-of-the-art formula is further enhanced with optical diffusers.

Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free, Retinol                                       How I feel about this product :                                                                                                              …

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L'Reve24k Luxury Skin Care 60 Second Instant Face Lift Serum

Welcome back to my blog everyone ! Today we are talking about the L'Reve24k Luxury Skin Care                          60 Second Face Lift Serum. Powered by Brandbacker About the Product: This powerful anti-aging serum is designed to address expression lines and creases that appear from early signs of aging. These engraved imperfections appear instantly smoothed. Combined with its anti-aging serum is the ideal non-invasive alternate to achieve a more youthful looking appearance.

- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
- Tightens and firms skin while you feel it working - Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles for an enhanced complexion - Get instant results that last 6-8 hours

Directions: Apply to clean skin using ring finger. Gently smooth and tap a thin layer over facial lines and puffiness under eyes. Do not rub. Keep face expression-less until dry. If white residue is visible, smooth over the area with damp finger or moisturizer. Wait 60 seconds and view your results!

Learn about the Brand -

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September Empties 2016

Derma.e Hydrating night cream and Derma.e Hydrating day Creme

Welcome back to my blog ! Today I am so excited to share with everyone . We are going to talk about the Derma .e Hydrating night cream and the Derma.e Hydrating day creme. I receive these day and night Creme to review. Powered by BrandBacker                        I am so excited to share with everyone that Derma.e will be launch new packaging in             March 2017.     Derma.e  Mission
We are committed to your health and well-being, and the natural environment. That’s why we make effective eco-ethical skin care. 
Derma.e values Our growth will be propelled by: our passion, our quality and our integrity. We will be good corporate citizens, caring for the well-being of our customers, our employees, our community and our world.
How I feel about these products -                    I really liking the Derma.e hydrating night creme. It is very thick and moisturising and keeps my face soft .The Derma.e hydrating day creme is for dry to Normal skin types and keeps my skin soft .I am really…

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Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog .Today we are talking about Valentia Night Revive Retional Serum. Powered by BrandBacker

About the Product Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum  - A transformative retinol serum that fights wrinkles and provides hydration, for visibly smoother, rejuvenated skin. This Retinol Serum Will: - Diminishes wrinkles - Stimulates collagen - Improves skin tone - Manages breakouts - Conditions skin Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.

                                                           KEY INGREDIENTS                             …

elf cosmetics products I love

Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye Lift

Hello  Readers ! Welcome back to my Blog. Today I am sharing with everyone Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye lift .

Benefits from using this product - Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye lift gives you the aesthetic benefits of an eye lift, without the painful, costly procedure. 

- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines - Tightens and firms skin while you feel it working - Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles for an enhanced complexion - Get instant results that last 6-8 hours

Made with Veegum, an ingredient known for its tightening and refining properties, as well as nourishing minerals, Instant Eye Lift is the ideal product for reviving mature, tired skin. Within moments of applying Instant Eye Lift, you can actually feel it working as it tightening pores, firms the skin. The full affect is visible within 90 seconds of application, resulting is skin that appears years younger and firmer. The incremental results are subtle, yet the overall result of a more youthful appearance is astounding. Fine lines and thin skin tha…

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Hello readers, and welcome back to my blog page!
     Today I am going to talk to you about a product that was sent to me to review. The product is Valentina pure glow brightening moisturizer.

   I have heard of the Valentina products previously,  but haven't tried any of their products. Since I got the opportunity to try it, I am so happy. I am also excited to share with everyone of you this awesome product. I have been trying the Valentia pure glow brightening moisturizer for a short while, and I have to say I love the moisturizer and it makes my skin feel so nice.
I also like that it is made from natural and organic ingredients that are so good for your skin.
 The key ingredients are  -Botanical Hyaluronic acid which floods the skin with moisture, and supports skins elasticity, Also plumping the skin from within.  -Kojic acid which helps control melanin production and prevents dark spots on the skin.  -Ginseng which boosts skin to help firm collagen, combat wrinkles, and give …
Me and my man received the Polo Blue perfume . He is really liking this perfume . It has a very muse scent and makes my man smell good.  We received a sample for free from influenster for free to review. #poloblueedp
I am so excited to share with a product I received for free to review . I received a product from Influenster . I received the Zzzquil voxbox . I always have had trouble sleeping and i have taking sleeping medicine for a long time . Zzzquil has been working for me and i appreciate a good night sleep.

Thank You!

I am so excited to share with my Blog . I will be post here my newest video from YouTube and any giveaway I will have here.  I will also post my review for products .

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 Facts about me - I am stay at home mom . I am 28 years old and have one son. I have been married for 6 years. I love love makeup . I also love review beauty products .