February 20, 2017


Welcome back to my blog everyone!
I am so excited to start blogging about fashion. Today we are going to talk about my outfit for Monday, Feb,20,2017.

I am so in love with these pants. I got them at Wal-mart in the plus size section. They are the boyfriend jeans and they are so comfortable. I got the size 18 w. I was so shocked that they fit so well on my butt and thighs. They were priced at $ 21.
My shirt is from old navy. It fits so well. I love old navy for their shirts but you do have to order the plus size online. Which makes it really hard to buy the right size. 
I got my purse for $20 dollars from a store called Burke's outlet. I am in love with it because of the size and the color. I love Bright colors and over the shoulder purse. 
My shoes are pink with different color strips on the side. I got them brand new from Goodwill for $6 dollars.
 I enjoy flats because they are easy and comfortable.
I am a mom and I need easy outfits so I can look cute but comfortable.
My Jewelry is Premier Designs and I sell it. 
When I do an outfit of the day all of my jewelry will be Premier Designs. 

Update for my channel : 
I will be doing at least two videos a week. 
Tutorial Tuesday and Fashion Friday 
There will be more collabs and empties and hauls too. 
I hope to blog more and share a little sparkle in your lives 
Thank you for supporting and watching my channel.
Thanks, lea graham