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Are You Ready for summer ?

Are You Ready for summer ?
     I feel like every year summer comes and i feel like I am never ready for summer . Summer means Swimsuit  season and I am not a big fan of swimsuits. I always get a new swimsuit and I always have a hard time finding one that fits my Chest and body. So usually I get a one piece that is black and boring because the Bikini never fit me right in the chest at all. I always never liked showing my stomach. Then I started watching Youtuber that was my size and would do try on of cute swimsuits. She tried on this black bikini and I absolutely loved it . The swimsuit was from amazon and it had fringe coming down from the top and the bottoms are high-waisted.
For the first time in a long time I am in love with my swimsuit and ready for summer and hanging out by the pool. I added a swimsuit cover up from lularoe an the bottom has fringe on the bottom too .  I finally realized that I have to love the body I have  and to have fun swimming. So you just have to learn to lo…

Clinque Fresh Pressed system with pure vitamin c review

Today I want to talk about the Clinque Fresh Pressed system with pure vitamin c . 
My experience with this product was really great. I really wanted try this product because i love skincare .   I am 28 and I really want to take care of my skin . I know how much vitamin c serum works so well for your skin. So i was to excited to try this product. My skin has some redness and some texture so when i start this i was curious how my skin would feel after 7 to 14 days . I use this product for at least 14 days in my moisturizer . I used my Clinque gel Moisturizer . I  really liked the difference I saw in my skin and how well some of my redness went away . After the 14 days which is how long it will last and the price is $20 dollars for a 2 week serum . That is a little pricey for a vitamin c serum, but I still believe that vitamin c serum is very important for your skin.  I hope this review helps everyone about this product . I did video review for yall too ! Thanks leah graham  final tho…

March empties 2017

Project pan roulette update 4

Makeup haul 2017

RW17 Collection Preview

Welcome back to my blog !                                       Today we are going to be talking about some shoes Preview . RW17 Collection Preview Ever carry multiple pairs of shoes to work? Or struggle with packing only a couple of shoes that would match everything on your trip? We did. That’s why we created Alterre, an innovative line of modular shoes for the modern woman. 
Being women ourselves, we know the best shoes are comfortable all day, versatile, and pack light. So we combined those traits with our patented technology (and a lot of insole padding) to create shoes you can interchange into over 125 combinations.
All of our shoes are designed in our New York Studio and made according to fair labor laws in Brazil. We donate 5% of the proceeds to the women's abuse shelter Restore NYC, so you get to do good while you look good. Alterre Alterre is an innovative line of modular shoes for the modern woman. With our patentented technology, you can transform your …

Shop in under 90 seconds with Tophatter!

Welcome back !  Today we are going to talk about
                                           Shopping with a website called  Tophatter.                     
If you're the kind of person who loves major names like Coach, SmashBox, Kate Spade and Urban Decay - and you love those names even more when you can find their products for a great deal - then we've got the perfect website for youTophatter is the world's fastest, most entertaining marketplace, with live online auctions every day in a wide variety of categories.Tophatter is funded by leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms, including August Capital, Charles River Ventures, Sequoia Capital and SV Angel. We are based in Palo Alto, with offices in San Francisco and Shanghai, China.
.                                                               What i think about the website : I got two credits to try out some products from the website . I first got the Moonchild glow kit .                …


Welcome back to my blog everyone ! I am so excited to start blogging about fashion. Today we are going to talk about my outfit for Monday feb,20,2017.
I am so in love with these pants . I got them at wal-mart in the plus  size section . They are the boyfriend jeans and they are so comfortable . I got the size 18 w . I was so shocked that they fit so well on my butt and thighs . They were priced at $21 . My shirt is from old navy . It fits so well . I love old navy for their shirts but you do have to order the plus size online . Which makes it really hard to buy the right size .  I got my purse for $20 dollars from a store called Burke's outlet . I am in love with it because of the size and the color . I love Bright colors and over the shoulder purse .  My shoes are pink with different color strips on the side . I got them brand new from goodwill for $6 dollars .  I enjoy flats because they are easy and comfortable . I am a mom and i need easy outfits so i can look cute but comfortable . M…

Sole patches review

Welcome back to my blog !!!!                             Today we are talking about the sole patches for your feet . About the Product : The Holiday Party season is upon us! Avoid tired and sore feet and dance a little longer on the dance floor, or mingle a little longer at that party! Keep your high heels on without wincing in pain! 

Sole Patches are a sticker that you can put directly onto the ball of your foot, or the heel of your foot, or directly onto your shoe to avoid pain in your feet! The super shock-absorbing properties of the high tech urethane PORON® will be cushioning your feet every step of the way.

                                                      How i feel about the product-                                 I used the sole patches for my feet on Christmas in my cute boots . I wore the boots all day with my sole patches in my shoes . My feet never hurt and i was able to wear my shoes Christmas day and night . I rea…