June 2, 2017

Are You Ready for summer ?

  Are You Ready for summer?

     I feel like every year summer comes and I feel like I am never ready for summer. Summer means Swimsuit season and I am not a big fan of swimsuits. I always get a new swimsuit and I always have a hard time finding one that fits my Chest and body. So usually I get a one piece that is black and boring because the Bikini never fit me right in the chest at all. I always never liked showing my stomach. Then I started watching Youtuber that was my size and would do try on of cute swimsuits. She tried on this black bikini and I absolutely loved it. The swimsuit was from Amazon and it had fringe coming down from the top and the bottoms are high-waisted.

For the first time in a long time I am in love with my swimsuit and ready for summer and hanging out by the pool. I added a swimsuit cover-up from lularoe and the bottom has fringe on the bottom too. 
I finally realized that I have to love the body I have and to have fun swimming. So you just have to learn to love your body and have fun in the sun.  

Thanks for reading 
Lea Graham                              Swimsuit from Amazon

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